Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Writing Prompts:E

Your principal has decided to make the school day longer but ban homework.

Due to homework and trying to fit in with other after school activities, many boys and girls don't get the necessary amount of sleep.

Harris Cooper tries to argue that homework has a positive effect on students, but his studies also found no direct all between increased homework for students and improved test scores.
That's why we should have homework.

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  1. Hello Anusshika! I hope you are good today.
    I like how you included a refernce to a psychology professor who has looked into this topic.
    As a parent, I found it hard to get my kids to do their homework at Primary School. They were always tired after school, or had other commitments like sports to go to. BUT, I think all children should read at home every day, and then do other family type activities like cooking, food preparation, and grocery shopping. These activities are also a time where we can learn valuable skills that school just doesn't teach us.
    What do you think are important skills that we do at home that could count as homework instead of reading, writing and maths?
    Take care


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